Preferences window does not open

I need help with the Keyboard Maestro editor. When I choose the menu item: Keyboard Maestro > Preferences ... no window is displayed. I checked other monitors, different desktops. I reinstalled Keyboard Maestro, deleted all variables, deleted the sync folder, deleted the Keyboard Maestro preferences folder and nothing helps. The preference window cannot be opened for several months - neither through the menu nor using "Cmd +,". Anyone got any idea?

Keyboard Maestro v. 9.0.5
Catalina 10.15.2

Check that you don’t have XtraFinder installed, since that seems to mess up Keyboard Maestro windows.

After that, I'd try restarting, since that is a weird problem and it might indicate some sort of system confusion.

After that, I'd check the Window menu before and after and see if the Preferences window is listed there - maybe it is showing up but somewhere you can't see it.

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Thank you Peter,
I had XtraFinder installed.
You solved my problem. Thank you!

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