Premiere Pro Tip: Auto Render


I thought I'd share this workflow for others to use, or improve on.

I'm not sure if it happens to you, but when I'm rendering a long film, I can't just leave the render to go overnight, because at some point, PrP WILL fail, and I'll get some error message that stops the render.

So, what I end up doing is baby-sitting the render, and every 5-10 minutes or so, I'll cancel the render, then save, then re-start it. Not Fun.

I've built this macro to do all this work for me, and it works pretty well.

It still happens occasionally that the render will fail, but at least with this macro, I've got the latest project saved before the render fails.

Feel free to use and/or improve.



AutoRender - Premiere Pro .kmmacros (51.2 KB)