Preparing to sync macros: sort by date edited (or search)?

For the first time in years (20+ … my last desktop was a Gateway) I have a desktop machine (iMac, with matching external LG monitor — :+1:) and have made a small mess of my Keyboard Maestro macro collection. My goal is to sync all my macros between my new desktop computer and my old (and just back from repair) laptop. The problem is that I have created and edited macros separately on each machine since I got the new machine (the old machine was limping along, and became unusable suddenly).

Is there a way to sort macros by edit (viz.: modified) date? Or, alternative, to search by edit/modified date?

The number of macros that might have been edited is surely under 25, so I think bringing one machine’s set up to date manually, and then using that set as the master set and syncing the other machine to it, is the way forward for me.


I just knew I’d find the answer right after posting and it would be dead simple:

“View ▹ Sort Macros by … ▹ Date Modified”.

:blush: .


I had missed that option. Thanks for posting the answer.

One helpful addition would be a column showing “Date Modified”.

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Hey Ray,

According to Peter adding columns in the UI is way to difficult to mess with unless/until he does a major redesign, so for now you can hit 4 to bring up the Macro Inspector window.


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Helpful. Thank you.

Looks like the default shortcut is ⌘4. ⌘⇧4 would conflict with the system “Capture Portion of Screen” shortcut.

Whups. You’re quite right. Fixed.


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