Prepend a note in evernote

Hi, I have a note in Evernote called !Prayer List. Throughout the week I receive requests to be added to this list from people at church. I would like to have a macro that will launch from any application and prepend that note with the date and the request.

I am brand new to KM and have no Apple script knowledge either.

Thanks for any help you can give.
Joseph D. Chase

This is definitely doable, but we need more information:

  1. Source of your request: so do you want to just select the text and copy to Evernote?
  2. Example of source data
  3. Confirm “prepend” – put at top of EN note
  4. Example of EN Note

I would like to copy a name(s) from an SMS or Email.
Paste that name(s) with (a datestamp) at the top of a list I have in Evernote called !Prayer List.

Here is an example of the !Prayer List i have in Evernote…

2016-01-26 4:32 PM
Mr. Hooper
Mike Rowe

2016-01-25 7:12 PM
Mr. Peabody
Oscar the Grouch

2016-01-24 6:12 PM
The Good
The Bad
The Ugly

2016-01-24 12:07 PM
Boris Karloff
Earnest Hemmingway

Thank you so much for your help!

It would be nice to be able to accomplish this from TextEdit for those prayer list requests that come via a phone call or printed request card.

I have a “Drafts 4” action that does this really well. Just don’t know how to do this on my iMac.

Thanks A Lot,

I would suggest you use two macros.

The first, assumes you have the name selected. It will use the Copy action to copy the selection to the clipboard, and then execute a third sub-macro (using the Execute a Macro action) to work on the clipboard.

The second uses the Prompt for User Input action to ask for the name, and then sets the clipboard to that (using the Set Clipboard to Text action) and then executes the same sub-macro.

The third, sub-macro uses the Set Clipboard to Text action to add the date and time and a couple blank lines to the clipboard. After that it is just a matter of pasting it to the start of your !Prayer List Evernote note - I'll leave the Evernote users to answer that part (or search the forum for Evernote for possible answers).

Joseph, I’m working on a KM macro and AppleScript to get this done for you.
As I was laying out the EN Note, some ideas came to mind that I’d like to share with you. I’m happy to use the format you provided, but I wondered if this format would be more useful. See my shared Evernote Note !Prayer List, and let me know what you would prefer. My idea is the table at the top. I show your layout below.

You can even further customize the note if you like, but it is best to do it now. The KM macro I write will be based on the exact format/layout of the Note.

Hey Joseph,

We'll soon see what JM is cooking up, but in the meantime…

As long as your note is named “!Prayer” this should work with any text you can select.

Select the text, and hit your keyboard shortcut; it will be copied and sent to Evernote.


Add Text to Prayer Request in Evernote.kmmacros (4.6 KB)

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Chris what does the find/replace regEx stuff do?

Joseph, see if this macro will do the job for you.

  • Select the names from any app
  • You will need to get the EN Note Classic link for the Note that is your prayer list
  • Right-click on Note, hold down OPTION, click on "Copy Classic Note Link"
  • After you enter it the first time, it will remember it
  • But you can change it any time
  • If you decide you would prefer the table format, let me know.

###Macro: [EN] Update Prayer List in Evernote Note

[EN] Update Prayer List in Evernote Note.kmmacros (15 KB)


VER: 1.0 Last Update: Thu, Jan 28, 2016 at 2:29 AM
Author: @JMichaelTX at KM forum

PURPOSE: Update Evernote Note of Prayer List from Selection


  1. Select names to add to list in any app
    • Each name must be on separate line
  2. Run this macro
  3. Enter/Change EN Note Classic Link
    • Right-click on Note, Hold down OPTION, click on "Copy Classic Link"
    • Paste into KM form
  4. Macro will
    • copy selected text
    • Open EN Note with the Prayer List in its own window
    • Insert each name and current date/time at top of list

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This looks great! Wow, you folks are so kind to take time to work on this for me.

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Wow It took a minute to figure out how to place the classic link in the right form. But, I’ve got it now. This is exactly what I was wanting.

One more reason why I love KM. This will save many, many mouse clicks and keystrokes throughout my day!

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!


JMichaelTX A simple list works better for me right now. I later go to the list copy it and paste it into the church bulletin and send it out as a text blast at the end of the day.

Thank you for working on this.

Hey John,

Instead of driving the UI I’m getting and setting the HTML content with AppleScript.

This requires adding div tags to each line of the text to be added:

<div>2016/01/28 6:58 PM</div>
<div>Robert A. Heinlein</div>
<div>H. Beam Piper</div>

So the process is:

  • Select any text in any app.
  • Run Macro

The macro then:

  • Copies the selected text to a Keyboard Maestro variable with a date/time header.
  • Adds the appropriate HTML tags to the plain-text.
  • Gets the HTML content from the correct note.
  • Puts the new text at the top of that.
  • Replaces the HTML content in the existing note.
  • Displays the note.

Make sense?