Press a button on a Webpage

i have a Question regarding a Browser button.
It has the following html Code:

I want to press the Searc button but it doesnt work.
I used the Press a button feature of Keyboard Maestro but i idid'nt work.
I also tried the following java script, but it didnt work aswell.

The Button itself looks like this:

(The Button "Suchen")

Thats why im asking for help

Thanks alot!

Seems like it’s an input field. Try the same JavaScript but with .focus() rather than .click()

You’ll possibly also need to change the first part IF the ID is dynamically generated. document.queryselector (one of those data… attributes)

(On my phone atm so I won’t work out the exact syntax sorry.)

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Thanks alot, this worked for me, as you said it was dynamicaly generated.

CleanShot 2024-02-01 at 19.33.52@2x

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