Press Button Failed in Web Browser

I think it was working when I set it up at the first time. But it's no longer working.

At the time, I just added a press button action and added "Add images".

But not working today.

I have been testing uppercase, capital, low cases.. ( "add images", "Add Images", "Add images".. )
but no luck.

Is there any alternative way to press a button? I tested 'click action with xpath'.
But it's not also working.

Thank you,

Keyboard Maestro's Press a Button action does not work with web pages.

It's designed to work with standardly accessible macOS components rather than rendered web elements.

You'll have to use some JavaScript.

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I was trying to open a file uploader. it gets this error.

File chooser dialog can only be shown with a user activation

Any solution?

My JS-fu is a the white belt level, so I really can't offer definitive help.

Sometimes web buttons are tied to functions, and I've seen cases where people have been able to call the function.