Press Button on Webpage

My workflow is:
1 - enter date
2 - press "Go" button to load date
3 - press "Download CSV" button to get the file

Steps 1 and 3 are working in KB just fine, but I can't figure out how to press the button for Step 2 (right now I've got it set up to go to the Date field, then I tab over twice to get to the button, but I want to clean it up because it gets wonky sometimes).

Is there a way to execute the "Go" directly, without tabbing through the page to get to it?

Here's the source I'm working with:

Try Execute JavaScript in Safari (or Chrome, if you're using Chrome) and put this into it:


I have to admit that I'm just copying this from something I was given to solve a similar JavaScript issue, and I'm just guessing that it might work.


Awesome! That did the trick; thanks a bunch @tjluoma

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