Press Button “SEND” in Pro Tools failed to find button

Hi, I used QuicKeys for years but gradually it became obsolete.
Read in forums about KM and here I am. As a newbie.
So, I thanks in advance any help.
I'm in OS 10.12.6. I'm a sound editor. The soft I use is ProTools and what I want to do with KM is a macro that send a selected audio from Pro Tools to another application called iZotope RX 6.
Pro Tools does that task through a window called "RX6 Connect". In that window there is a button called "SEND" that does that: It sends the selected audio to iZotope RX6 soft.
I created a simple Macro trying to do that task but as a result I only get "Press Button “SEND” failed to find button".
This is what I did.

KM does "Select "RX Connect" in the Menu "AudioSuite" in Pro Tools. I see how it is in front of the rest of the opened windows. Then KM should press the button "SEND", no? But then I receive a message saying "Press Button “SEND” failed to find button"
Why KM does not find such button in the active window?

Of course, I can record my action and that's all. It will work. But in such case the success of such macro would depend on the graphical position of that window. I'm trying to avoid that limit. That window could be in any place into the screen.
And sorry about my limited english.
Thanks again.

Unfortunately, Pro Tools is not a well-behaved Mac app. Many have complained about it here in these forums. But you might do a forum search on "pro tools" to see if you can find any help.

Thanks Michael, thanks for your answer.
May be there is an applescript that can do that task (detect and press “SEND” button in a window called “RX Connect”. I will research.
Then I will see how KM trigger such applescript.
Thanks again.

That part is easy: Execute an AppleScript action (KM Wiki)

As an interium (or may permanent) solution, you can always use the Move or Click Mouse action (KM Wiki) based on found image. Paste an image of the "Send" button into the image field:


You may have to adjust the "fuzzy factor" image to make it find the image properly.

Thanks Michael.
I got two AppleScripts that does the job I needed.
The first one click on the “SEND” button into the RX 6 Connect plug in window (in Pro Tools application).
The second one does a shortcut in RX 6 that send back the processed file to RX 6 Connect plug in and press the button “RENDER” into that window.
Thanks for point me.

Could you please share your final AppleScripts that solved the problem, for the benefit of others?

Ok. The first one called "RX6:Connect_OPEN_SEND" is the one that once you sellect a piece of sound in Pro Tools sends that audio portion to iZotope RX 6. It is ...

And it is triggered by a simple Keyboard Maestro macro pressing F13 ...

58 PM

The second one called "RX6_Connect_SEND_BACK_RENDER_CLOSEsinboton1sindelay" is the one that sends the processed audio from RX to the original track in Pro Tools.

And it is triggered from Keyboard Maestro with F14

09 PM

Why I ask Keyboard Maestro press again the F14 key?
Well for some reason this macro works once no and the following try yes. So odd no, even yes. I don't know why.
So, I add a second F14 press to warranty that the second try will success.
Another bizarre fact is that when I press the F14 the computer output a sound indicating something wrong is done. But all what I need is done (the processed sound in RX goes to the correct track in Pro Tools.

Have in mind that these were my first steps in Keyboard Maestro (and AppleScript)

The long name "RX6_Connect_SEND_BACK_RENDER_CLOSEsinboton1sindelay" was the result of many tries I've done changing the lines.
My natural language is Spanish, that explain the final part "...sin boton 1 sin delay".

Ah! The delays added in this last AppleScript were needed because Pro Tools and RX did not demand the same amount of time to send a sound of a second than the sound of 1 minute.
That delays were a balance fine for me.

Another fact! in this last AppleScript you can see a line saying

tell application "System Events" to keystroke return using {command down}

Well, Command + Return is the keystroke that I programed in RX to send the processed sound to its RX Connect plug in in ProTools.

Sorry for my english and for my elemental programing.
If anybody know how to improve them, please, go a head.

Thanks Michael.

Thanks for sharing the screenshots. However, it would be much more helpful if you could upload the actual script.

How to Put Script in a Forum Code Block

Just insert your script between the lines with the triple backquotes:


See Markdown for Code Blocks

To get syntax highlighting, then use the keyword in lower case for that language, like:

Here is a macro that will paste the script on the clipboard into the forum in the proper format:

MACRO: KM Forum -- Paste Script Block

No problem. Your English is fine.

Oh! I didn’t learn that.
Lets try the first AppleScript called “RX6_Connect_OPEN_SEND.scpt”

tell application "Pro Tools"
	tell application "System Events"
		tell process "Pro Tools"
			click menu item "RX 6 Connect" of menu 1 of menu item "Noise Reduction" of menu "AudioSuite" of menu bar 1
			delay 0.2
			click UI element "Analyze" of window "Audio Suite: RX 6 Connect"
		end tell
	end tell
end tell

And the AppleScript that returns the processed sound from RX to Pro Tools called “RX6_Connect_SEND_BACK_RENDER_CLOSEsinboton1sindelay” is …

tell application "iZotope RX 6 Audio Editor"
	delay 0.1
	tell application "System Events" to keystroke return using {command down}
end tell

tell application "Pro Tools"
	tell application "System Events"
		set frontAppName to name of first application process whose frontmost is true
		repeat until frontAppName is "Pro Tools"
			delay 0.2
			set frontAppName to name of first application process whose frontmost is true
		end repeat
	end tell
	delay 0.6
	tell application "System Events"
		tell process "Pro Tools"
			click UI element "Render" of window "Audio Suite: RX 6 Connect"
		end tell
	end tell
end tell

Thanks Michael.



Thank you so much for asking this question. I had a similar question about using Keyboard Maestro with Pro Tools Audiosuite windows. This AppleScript that you wrote for this task has helped me obtain a better understanding of AppleScript and Pro Tools. I’ve been able to use this as a starting point for my transition from QuicKeys to Keyboard Maestro. Thanks for helping a stranger.


Hi Jason,

Actually, I got that AppleScript from a partner that is living in Los
Angeles now. So, I will transfer your thanks to him.

Now I’m in new problem. The very same AppleScript doesn’t work in a new

I changed all the relevant data in that Script to work with the new RX. But …

Now it does not work. @#$%&!!!

I’ll continue trying to search the reason of this problem.

If I found the solution I’ll tell here.

Thanks in my name and in the name of my partner.

Jose Luis Diaz

Jose … is your friend’s first name Diego, by chance?

EXACTLY! Diego Gat.

The world is quite small.

In Argentina we would say "The world is a handkerchief", meaning it is
very small.


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Oh my gosh, the world is a handkerchief!!!

Diego is having me to his home on Saturday night for dinner … OH MAN, this is quite amazing that I would “bump” into in this manner Jose. Be well, I’ll give Diego a hug from you … HAHAHAHAH!!!

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Shhh about RX 7 ...

Here's a macro that can help you:

AUDIOSUITE RX 7 Connect Analyze.kmmacros (5.6 KB)


Oh! Thank you!

I will try tomorrow your macro. I understand that it is for send a file
from Pro Tools to RX.

That part worked. What I was messed was to return from RX to Pro Tools.

Well, I guess I solved my problem.

It is late here. I need to rest.

Thanks for you macro, xbook.


Great and very helpful post Jose Luis.
The only thing that I need to add on the “RX6_Connect_OPEN_SEND.scpt” is to change from default "entire selection" to "clip by clip", before clicking Send button.
Any ideas if that is possible?

Hi Luciano.
My english is very poor but ...
I had this problem at the very beginning, but, suddenly never appeared again.
I don't know how could KM guarantee that that button should be in "Clip by clip", always.
In my case, I left it in "Clip by clip" and never changed since.
Good luck, Luciano.

Yes, I think it is related to Pro Tools version, as in my 12.8.2 every time I Open RX 6 Connect it goes by default to "entire selection", it does not "remember" my last choice.
Nevermind, a workaround is opening RX Connect first, and make that setting myself.
Thanks again!