Pressing macro hotkey within macro

Has pressing a macro’s hotkey from within the macro always caused the macro to run recursively, or am I going crazy?

I thought in the past it did not, and I exploited this limitation in some ways I found helpful.

It has since I've been using KM, starting with KM 6.

If you want the same hotkey to cause different actions the 2nd time it is used, then set a counter at the top/bottom of your macro to count triggers. Then a Switch or Case action (KM Wiki) based on the count.

This has never been supported, simulating the keystroke for an active hot key may either trigger the macro or type the key, and which will happen is dependent on factors like the load of the Mac.

Keyboard Maestro tries to avoid the triggering of the macro, but due to the delays involved in the keyboard queue, there is no way to ensure it. Keyboard Maestro 8 will “try harder”. But it still wont be guaranteed.

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