Prevent a macro from writing in Engine.log

I have one macro that is creating 2-3 lines in Engine.log for every single MIDI note I play — hundreds or thousands per day — and it feels a bit weird and messy.

Is there a way to make this particular macro not record anything in the log?

Peter has addressed this in the past, and I would imagine it's still off the table.

Going off of Peter's suggestion in the post linked above, this macro provides a running display of the log file with "My Frequent Macro" excluded.

Tail Engine.log with exclusion.kmmacros (3.6 KB)

Macro image


Nope. If a macro is triggered, it is recorded in the log file. This is probably the most important thing for the log file to record.

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Additionally, you could run a script to reset the log, possibly with a Time of Day trigger every night:

cd /Users/$USER/Library/Logs/Keyboard\ Maestro/
cp Engine.log "$(date +%Y%m%d)-Engine.log" && truncate -s 0 Engine.log

This may come with drawbacks that I'm not aware of, so we might need @peternlewis to confirm that this would be acceptable usage (notwithstanding whether or not it's recommended usage).

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Keyboard Maestro rolls the log itself. Any time the Engine or Editor launch the log file will be trimmed down to 7MB if it is over 13MB, so if you really want to roll the log, all you need to do is re-launch the Engine or the Editor.


Hi, @nrightnour. As @peternlewis stated, there's no way to prevent the Engine.log entries, but I've recently shared a macro that can be used to remove such entries: Engine.log Tool

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This is impressive! A bit bigger scope than I was thinking, but a nice option to have. Thanks :slight_smile:

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