Print a List of Keyboard Maestro Macros and Triggers

I find it hard to believe this topic hasn't been addressed, but I can't find it with several searches.

I'd like to get a list of the macros (just names), along with the keystrokes assigned, that are contained in the highlighted group. Could be text or CSV. Just want to print a reference sheet.

Any ideas?



Look toward the bottom of this topic for some different approaches:

Thanks. I'll give that a try.

Seems odd that there's not a KM menu item that would do this.

Hey Tony,

Make a feature request to Peter. :wink:


Is there no hope for this to become a Keyboard Maestro menu item?

I have quite a few KM keyboard shortcuts for frequently used phrases but the list has grown such that I cannot remember infrequently used shortcuts.

I have tried to implement the suggestions for scripting at:

but I'm unable to get this to work. I may be overthinking this because I seem to be an idiot at AppleScript although I can limp along with PHP and JavaScript.

I'm clearly doing something wrong at a basic level or not doing something I should.

I feel like a frustrated idiot.

Macro listing is demonstrated in various threads on this forum.

(See, for example: MACRO: List All Macros By Size - Macro Library - Keyboard Maestro Discourse)

The more intractable part is obtaining a human-readable representation of the keystrokes, which are encoded at a hardware level, the interpretation of which varies with locale and keyboard layout.