Print Dialogbox

In the dialog box after CMD+P after the fifth tab the input is: Duplex print / Simplex print. With which click can I switch with Keyboard Maestro? Has anyone an idea? Thomas

Hey Thomas,

If you haven't read this it's worth a couple of minutes of your time.

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You neglected to mention what application you're printing from and to what printer.


Thank you Christopher,
I did not know this and it is very helpful for me.

In this special case it does not make a difference what kind of program.
There is in the dialogbox a checkbox for printing simplex or duplex and my question is how can I switch from duplex to simplex.

Best greetings from Austria - Thomas

Hey Thomas,

Download this macro:

Correctly identifying GUI elements

Give it a Hotkey trigger more appropriate to your system.

Place the mouse cursor over the UI-Element you need to work with in the print dialog.

Run the macro.

Post the resulting AppleScript record that's copied to your clipboard, and I'll help you turn that into code that operates the checkbox.


I will try it next week and will report as soon possible - Thomas