Print Documents One by One Until at the Bottom of the List

I want to create a folder (group) in DevonThink in which I would put all my files to print.

It's straightforward
⌘P → Print button → arrow down to go to next document
I was thinking of using the repeat action

My problem is : how do I get the repeat action to detect that I have arrived at the end of the list → cancel macro

thank you very much

The pattern you describe sounds more like a For Each action (working through a defined collection) than a repeat.

But before looking at options for defining the folder-full as a KM collection, I wonder if this might help:

[Printing many documents - DEVONthink](

thank you for your post.
I tried it and it does not work.
The problem is more complex than I thought: does not work with many file formats like eml and html, and I think not landscape.
I am rethinking my approach by converting each one to pdf → merge → PDFs print
thanks again

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