Print Selected File Directly

Monterey 12.6.5
ForkLift Version: 3.5.8 (220)

I switched from Pathfinder to Forklift. With Pathfinder (which also works in Finder), I would many times a day print files directly from the app: I select file in the file listing in Pathfinder file listing without opening the file → press Cmd-P and the file is automatically printed via the default PDF app which rapidly opens and closes automatically.

This feature is very useful, for example when I download PDF files with the intention of printing them.

Cmd-P does not work with Forklift.

Is there any way to create a macro to emulate that behaviour in Forklift ? I could create a macro which would allow me to select file in forklift → open with PDF Expert → print, but it is too slow.

thanks in advance for your time and help

Path Finder is an enhanced Finder "replacement". Forklift is an FTP client with some local file management abilities -- you might be able to do something using the newly-introduced AppleScript support in the v4 beta version, but it'll have to improve a lot and you'll have to work to make things as smooth as they were in Path Finder.

Even in the beta you're currently limited to "Copy path to clipboard" for selected items, then processing the paths on the clipboard via KM or AppleScript to do the printing.

Perhaps another approach would be easier? Have a separate "For Printing" folder into which you download things you want to print, have KM "watch" that folder and print anything that arrives and then move the file to your usual download folder (or wherever)?


I thought that only Hazel could do that. How would I watch a folder and print, without printing over and over again ?

thanks very much !

KM's "Folder" trigger can be set to only fire when an item is added (and, if the application doing the adding uses a "known" way of differentiating between "in the process of adding" and "finished adding", will wait until completion):

The %TriggerValue% token will be the path to the added item -- you can pass that (via a variable) to AppleScript and mimic Path Finder's "Print", then use that same variable to archive your file. Totally untested, but this should give you the idea:

Print on Download.kmmacros (2.7 KB)


There are plenty of macros on the Forum that will, for example, print every PDF you download. Using different folders for files you do or don't want to print lets you choose by the destination you download to rather than by dialog or similar.


thanks very much !

Looks like @Nige_S has this pretty well covered, but here's some more grist for the mill:

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Thank you!