Print to PDF Doesn't Work With MacOS Ventura 13.0

I have macros in several programs that print to PDF. The steps are simple:

1: Command-P to start the application's Print process

2: Return to open the full Print menu

3: Press Button "PDF" to open the PDF choices ...

4: A few down arrows and a Return to select my options.

It used to work perfectly, but since upgrading to Ventura, the macro no longer presses the PDF button. It ignores that, ignores the down arrows, and accepts the Return which sends the document to my physical printer.

So the problem is the macro will no longer correctly "Press Button 'PDF'".

Any fixes to this?

They've split the previous single button into two -- see here for possible work-arounds.

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David Sparks is at least known for popularizing the use of Command-P for Save as PDF—maybe he's the originator, I don't know—and today he posted a short video for updating this configuration for Ventura.


Thank you NaOH, and by extension, thank you Sparky.

I'm a bit embarrassed at how happy this has made me.

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For the longest time, I've been using a macro to print a Safari (or any browser) as a PDF using the Save to Web Receipts drop-down option.

This has been working until the most recent Keyboard Maestro update (or updating to Ventura, both occurred before I noticed this problem.

I believe that Apple may have changed something in the PDF drop-down menu so that KM no longer recognizes it.

I think that before Ventura, you could click directly on the PDF button and get the dropdown, but now you need to click on the down-caret.

Any suggestions?

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