Pro Tools Memory Location Markers Search

For a while now I've been trying to figure out how to search the memory locations in Pro Tools. Since your not able to expand the window. And if you have a few 100 locations markers, trying to scroll down to find what your looking for. I finally made a KM Macro that will do that for you. Right now I have to make two different ones . Ones to create a folder of the Pro Tools text File and one to search it.

The macro that is called "Pro Tools Location File Create " you just have to do that once in the session that has many location points. Once thats done use the "Pro Tools Mem Locations Search" Macro to search it. I haven't figured out how and where Avid saves that info ( File) that contains the Markers. But when I do will update that and then you wouldn't have to run the first one.

If anyone know where the file or location of the Makers are stored please let know.

The Macros here doesn't have any hot key triggers on them .
enjoy :slight_smile:

Pro Tools Mem Location search.kmmacros (27.4 KB) Pr Tools Mem Location File Create.kmmacros (71.7 KB)