Pro Tools SDK/API and Keyboard Maestro moving forward

AVID Pro Tools has introduced an open API/SDK for developers. There is very little support or documentation in terms of working examples. I am chatting with some Python and C++ friends about ways to attempt to implement direct scripting to the app.

Is there other interest in this?

I would love to implement an open source online source for shared macros utilizing this new ability to get coding hooks a little deeper into the Pro Tools code vs more basic UI scripting.

Couple of questions.. would it be possible to use KM to work directly with Pro Tools now that they have made the API package available for anyone to use? or will I still need to create a script or wrapper to be triggered by KM?

Sorry if this is a silly question, I just see tons of potential, and am not (yet) able to code the necessary python scripts.


You need to validate the API calls with a certificate, so it's incredibly clunky to work directly with the SDK, the example scripts are really made to just be tests. I've been looking into this a little bit and just haven't had the time to delve into it, but what would be ideal (for me) would be a small wrapper application that you could interface between keyboard maestro and pro tools via python scripts.

Thats what I was thinking. something to facilitate the connection with an easy way to customize for more basic commands. The Avid toolkit package has minimal documentation which makes startup a little too trial and error.

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yeah, when I looked into it briefly, I could understand the basic flow of the commands, but creating that 'app' or whatever is beyond the scope of my programming knowhow, and the SDK itself really isn't designed to be used in the way I(we) are looking for in this case. But I'd be happy to help someone out if anyone has the knowledge, or pay a fair price for such an app.

I too would pay for an extension to Keyboard Maestro that allowed for better integration with Pro Tools.

I only skimmed the docs, and I'm not a Pro Tools user, but it looks like they're getting you to build a "helper" binary that you route your commands through.

So it shouldn't be too difficult (Ha! Words a developer hates to hear from a newb :wink: ) to eg use KM as a GUI to create a commands, then use an "Execute Shell Script" action to fire those commands via ptslcmd -file /path/to/commands.txt . If the first command of a "session" (and a "session" appears to be from Pro Tools's launch until it is quit) is RegisterConnection then that should take care of registration, although I can't tell from the docs if you need to store that session ID and include it in all subsequent calls or if ptslcmd handles that for you -- ptslcmd -help should answer that question.

Yeah i've gone through the steps and keep getting errors trying to build the example helper application, no errors in the log file but it's clearly not meant for non-developers. I just wish i could get it running so i could poke at it and see what i could figure out!