Pro Tools - Session Note dismiss

Hello Guys,

Any of the Pro tools user was able to Dismiss the The Window that opens after you open a session, Which goes by the name of Session Notes… By clicking the No button…

I’m really trying hard to make this happen, but nothing seems to work …

I have no clue how to explain it better for Nonprotools users…
even when I record the action it doesn’t work;
When the window is opened and I click on try on KM editor, Nothing happens …

Not to say that I don’t even know how to trigger the Action, And not make it loop every minute or so…

PT user here.
I see your problem.
I don’t think there is a trigger for when a specific window pops up.
What you could do is make a macro that will press the NO button. Like the esc key.
If Window Name is Session Notes then press button No, Else press esc key.
This way this session note will not be automatically dismissed but at least it is easier then clicking the no button.

Not in so many words, but you can essentially make one with the "Focused window changes" trigger:

Example Macro.kmmacros (2.4 KB)
23 PM

Thank you guys, @Fokke & @gglick
I’ll try your example now and see how it goes…
Thank again for the quick help

Hmm. That macro will run a lot of times without any action as we change windows a lot. Maybe not a big problem, but not very elegant either.

Btw, i don’t think you should add the “Type keystroke Escape” action, as it will press esc every time. Just leave it empty.

So first time I tried it. the Session note window didn’t appear and session was not loaded…
I disbled the NO, and just added Return Keystroke And disabled the Else (Esc) …
And now it seems to work…
Not the most elegant, But for now it works I have to find another way to make it stop Till I open a new session or Quit one.
Thanks a million…

So, you let a macro run all the time just to press one keypress for you when you open a session that annoys you with a session note?

I just came across this - a year or so late it seems, but still - if anyone else sees this, maybe it'll be useful: There are macro steps that can activate and deactivate macros or entire macro groups.

I'm not a Pro Tools user so I can only guess what a Pro Tools session is and other factors here.

If you can identify when you don't need the macro to trigger any more you can turn it off. But then you have to know when to turn it back on again for next time you need it again. That depends on what starting a new session means, and comes down to all kinds of questions like: Can more than one PT session be open at once, or only ever one at a time? Is a session a single window, or a bunch of windows?

You'd probably have two macros. One that hits the No button on the Session Notes for the new session and then turns itself off. Another one that figures out when to turn the first one back on again, which really depends on some of those questions above.

Just a thought that might be worth exploring...?

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