Problem Click at Found Image

I'm trying to create a macro using click at found image, but the image is never found.
I've clicked the "Display" checkbox. That didn't help.
I put fuzziness all the way to the max. That didn't help.
I've tried "all screens," "main screen," and "front window." Those didn't help either.

Can you help?

Here are screen shots of what I've tried:

Image to be found:


Screen to find it on (with error message when not found):

Macro to find it:

Thanks in advance for any help on this.

First I would verify Keyboard Maestro has the screen recording permission:

System Preferences > Security & Privacy
click the Privacy tab
in the list on the left find Screen Recording, click it
See if Keyboard and Keyboard Maestro are listed AND are checked on.

Thanks for the suggestion @kvanh. Sadly, it didn't fix the problem.

Keyboard Maestro Engine was listed and checked.
Keyboard Maestro was not.
I added and checked Keyboard Maestro and restarted.
The macro still gives the same error message.

I have successfully used Click on Found Image many, many times.
It is not obvious what you are doing wrong, but I would suggest this:

  1. Capture the image using the macOS screenshot tool, and paste into the KM Image well.
  2. Use the "in" "front window" or "screen of front window"
  3. Since your image is quite clear and distinct, set the fuzziness at about 25-30%.

BTW, I have noticed recently that the "Display" does not work from the KM Editor like it used to. It only shows when the macro is run.

@JMichaelTX That appears to have fixed it.

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