Problem integrating Firefox

Hi, all,
Getting my feet wet with KM, I'd like to create a simple hotkey to copy a page's URL (so I don't have to constantly do it manually).

I created a Macro whose action is "Set System Clipboard to Text" and then the token "%FrontBrowserURL%". Seems pretty straightforward.

However, when I look at the clipboard the Macro doesn't copy the URL. It just gives me the words "Not Running." But Firefox most definitely IS running!

Sorry for the newbie question, but can someone explain what I am missing here?



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Sadly only Safari, Chrome and Brave are supported by the Front Browser actions and tokens. This has to do with Firefox apparently not supporting any scripting (irritatingly as I myself is used to Firefox as my main browser. Hoping in the future Orion will be natively supported by KM as I am about ready to jump ship!)

This is the method I use to grab Firefox' front window, current tab, URL:

Set System clipboard to Firefox URL.kmmacros (2.7 KB)


Firefox has no support for scripting.

I wanted to learn more about this topic, so I did some googling and found these statements:

[2022:] Firefox does not have an AppleScript dictionary file (.sdef)

[2005:] Firefox has really bad AppleScript support (which should be no surprise, since it's not very Mac-like in any regard).

[2022:] some people have tried the proprietary Orion browser (one person reports that he used networking tools to help him infer that it's not stealing your data and sending it back to the developer) which apparently does have a little support for AppleScript. But maybe "little support" is enough for some people.

I could be wrong, but it seems to me that some browser developers don't support AppleScript because they want their browser to be OS-agnostic. By definition:

Platform-Agnostic: an app that doesn't even know which OS it's on.
Cross-Platform: an app that uses the same code base with some variations to support different OS's.

Bear in mind that many OS's are themselves cross-platform, such as:

Thank you! I will give this a try.

This works great for me. Thanks for posting!

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