Problem Launching KM

From time to time KM will not open on start. The preference is set for it to. Most of the time it will but on occasion, it seems to forget to start. And right now, after I run KM, the menu bar icon is not showing, and none of the macros are working. I can restart, but, why? Anybody have any insights on this behavior? Thanks

I recall reading something in the wiki ( about the two components of KM, the engine and the editor.

Hey @levelbest,

You need to discriminate between the Keyboard Maestro Editor and the Keyboard Maestro Engine.

You say “on start” but don’t say what is started. The KM-Editor? Your computer?

You say “restart” but don’t mention what. Keyboard Maestro? Your computer?

If the Keyboard Maestro Status Menu is NOT showing then the Engine is NOT running.

If the KM-Engine is NOT running and you run the KM-Editor the Engine should start up.

If it doesn’t then something is off on your system.

I would download and install a fresh copy of Keyboard Maestro, install it, and reboot.

I’d also look through the Troubleshooting page on the wiki.

If you don’t find the problem then get back to us.