Problem while tapping escape & enter


I'm new to keyboard maestro but I've learn watching tutorial on YouTube and doing exactly what the guy was doing. The macro I've made open's a window in my software and to escape from this window I press the escape key or enter.
But now I can not use the key enter or escape for other things even if I don't run the macro.
Keyboard Maestro open's me a window that tells me that :
"Press Buton "OK" failed to find button. Macro "Enter" cancelled (while executing Press Button "OK")"

The problem is that I was not in this particular macro and now I've even changed the key "enter" to "F" and don't have anymore macro using "escape" or "enter" but it's telling me the same message again and again.

Please Help me.

Thank you in advance :pray:t2:

"Little Update"

I've just tried to disable all Macros and it does not change I still have this message.

To be sure no Macros are active, quit the Keyboard Maestro Engine:


Now, if you still have the problem you can be sure it is nothing to do with Keyboard Maestro.

If the problem goes away when the Engine is not running you must have a Macro with the hotkey even though you say you have searched for that already.

To search for a particular hotkey in all Macros, in the Keyboard Maestro Editor Window press ⌃⌘F This will search all Macros. In the search field type (or paste) hotkey:esc This will find any Macro that uses the escape key as a hotkey. You can also search for hotkey:enter or hotkey:return


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Thank you very much I find the lost return an escape keystroke with your method, but is there a way to uses those keys in a macro and make them work only for this macro, I mean being able to uses those key in my software normally, and only when I start a macro, make them work how I want in the macro.

I hope my English I s not to bad, I hope you understand

If your Macro is intended to be only used in one Application it is a good idea to make a Group in Keyboard Maestro which is only active for that Application. Then the hotkeys will only be active when that Application is at the front.

manual:Macro Groups [Keyboard Maestro Wiki].

But if the Macro is active for an Application and that Application is at the front, the hotkeys you set for a Macro will always overide anything else. So, it is not a good idea to use something as fundamental as Enter or Escape as a hotkey. Much better to use a combination of keys that are not already used by that Application. Something like ⌥ESC (Option + Escape) or ⌃E (Control + E) would be better choices.

Generally, single key hotkeys are a bad idea as they are almost always already used by Applications.