Problem with found image not distinguishing colored vs. uncolored

I have an image that is mostly gray. Doing a certain thing changes the gray to white. I capture the white version the image. and put that into a Pause Until front window contains the image. I now do something that makes the gray image appear. The Pause Until is immediately satisfied even though I am waiting for the white version not the gray version. Anyone have an idea of what’s going on here or even better, what to do about it?

Specifically, I want to distinguish the gray state of a the field of a newly created hot key trigger from its state once a key has been pressed and the field background becomes white. I am trying to do that by capturing the lines and white background of a little of the upper left of the field.

Adjust the “e” slider all the way to the left.

doesn’t help

By the way, what happens is that the keystroke field ends up with “Click” in it.

Images that are mostly grey can confound Keyboard Maestro because usually large parts of the screen are “mostly grey”. So it can have difficulty finding a good match.

In 7.3 I added support for a slower but more accurate search when the search area is less than about a quarter of the desktop size, so if you can limit the area you are searching that might be beneficial.