Problem with KB Maestro Quitting

I am a newcomer with KB Maestro. I find that when I do one of the following things: 1. Quit KBM Editor, or 2. Close a Macro Palette, KBM seems to quit. I am not able to get any of the saved macros to run, using the triggers assigned, nor can I display any palettes. The only way to recover is to restart my computer (an iMac running High Sierra. So long as I don't do any of those two things, there is no problem running my macros.

Is this a feature (as distinguished from a bug)?

This is definitely NOT a feature. You only need the KM Editor running when you need to view/edit macros.

In order to trigger a macro, you need:

  1. The Keyboard Maestro Engine to be running (in the background)
  2. Both the Macro and its Macro Group must be enabled.
    • Normally done manually by the user, or using an Action in another macro.
  3. Both the Macro and its Macro Group must be active.
    • Usually determined by the KM Engine, but can also be set by Action in another macro
    • See Macro Activation

A few KM 8.0+ users who are running macOS High Sierra are experiencing issues where the KM Engine stops/crashes. For more info see:

Thank you for your comments. When I wrote my question, it looked like I had found repeatable actions that caused KBM to fail to work. Now, I am able to open and close Macro Group Palettes without causing the crash. Perhaps it had to do with intensive use of the Editor to create a large number of macros. I'll have to give it some time and observe over the next several days.