Problem with Trigger Macro by Name and Smart Groups

@peternlewis added the ability to restrict trigger macro by name to smart groups which is extremely useful.

My problem is that it does not seem possible to do so.

I tried 2 methods

  1. Edit the trigger macro by name search bar as per below: no results

  2. In the trigger macro by name action → click (+) → add the smart group. For normal non smart groups, this is easy and straightforward. For smart groups, there does not appear to be an option to add the complete group. I would have to add the macros one by one which is very tedious and defeats the purpose.

Please note that I am just giving Gestures Smart Group as an example. The issue is about smart groups in general, not about finding macros with gestures.

Thanks in advance for your time and help.




Works perfectly. thanks very much @peternlewis

Only someone with @ccstone or @Nige_S 's intellect could have guessed.

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When click on {+} to add any type of macro or macro group, please consider adding a search box if feasible. thank you