Problems interacting with a web form

I am trying to automate completing a web form using Google Chrome. I'm a relative new user of Keyboard Maestro, and of course, I've tackled a very complex task for my first project :-/

My issue is, the web form is dynamic, and as you complete sections of the form, other options become available on the page. Unfortunately, this is a secure website, so I am unable to provide a URL. However, I have attached a series of screenshots. The first set (01-05) shows how the form interacts as I enter the information. The second set (06-07) shows how I've successfully used KM's "Set Chrome field to Text" function to enter the word Site, but the site choices have not appeared on the form.

If I select manually select "Site" from the pulldown, the web page exposes the Site selector. If I use my macro, the word "Site" is entered in the Share With field, but the page does not expose the additional fields.

Does anyone have a suggestion on how to get this macro to work properly? The next step would be to fill in the Site box with the names of the various buildings.

Thanks for any assistance. Let me know if there is additional information I can supply to help with the troubleshooting.

--> John

01- blank form

02-Selecting "Share by" field

03 - Share by selected, sites now available

04- selecting sites

05 - completed form

06 - blank form, ready to trigger macro

07 - results after macro, "Site" in the shared by box, but web form did not expose new fields

Add Holt buildings to Sharing.kmmacros (3.0 KB)


This issue is becoming critical for me, as I will need to literally spend days manually filling in the data on these forms if I can’t automate this process somehow. This process was THE reason I purchased the upgrade to Keyboard Maestro. Are there any suggestions for completing this type of dynamic web form using KM, or is there additional information I can provide? Is it simply not possible, due to the type of interactivity, or the use of the scripting language on the form? Thanks.

–> John

You might find this helpful:

The approach would be the same for Chrome.

But as Chris Stone points out, without being able to look at the page's source code for the field IDs themselves and their legal values, it really isn't possible to provide anything but general help like this.

John, I think this is probably very doable, but it will take a bit of investigation of the target web page.

When you get to "04- selecting sites" can you do a partial screenshot of the HTML for each form field using the Chrome Inspect tool, and then post here?

For example, right-click on the form field and click "Inspect":

This will open the Chrome Developer Tools window, with the HTML element selected that you just chose to Inspect:

We need one partial screenshot for each form field on the web page.

im having the same problem in my recent post