Problems with KM Editor Auto-Completion

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Peter, for me in Keyboard Maestro 7.1 (7.1) on OSX 10.10.5, the auto-completion is very aggressive, happening without me pressing the ESC key. In fact, if I just keep typing (like a variable name), it ACCEPTS the autocompletion (which totally screws up what I am typing), which seems wrong to me.

Here's an animated GIF that shows the behavior:

At NO point in the above demo did I press ESC.
Pressing TAB accepts the autocompletion.
But sometimes just typing more characters incorrectly accepts the autocompletion, putting my charaters at the end of the completion.

I would much prefer NO auto-completion until I pressed ESC. Is there a setting somewhere that controls this?

You don’t have to press Escape, @DanThomas was specifically asking for faster response. Completions happen automatically after 1 second unless disabled by the hidden preference AutomaticCompletion.

The system completions is really defined for words and there does not appear to be any way to specify “word characters”, so it considers underscore and space to be completion characters and completes the completion (as it also does if you simply click away from the field). I don’t particularly like this behaviour, but it’s not something I can control without writing the entire completion system myself.

Peter, I have never seen auto-completions that are also auto-accepted, like KM uses. All other apps/systems/IDEs I have used require the user to press some key (like TAB or ENTER) to accept the suggested auto-completion.

The way KM auto-completion works for me, it is wrong way more than it is right, so I have turned it off completely. Thanks for sharing the "hidden preference" to do so.

Try TextEdit - it does not have automatic completion, but the completion system behaves exactly the same if you type an underscore. Pages meanwhile does not complete if you type an underscore, but does complete if you type somewhere else.

And yes, I would not have it complete in either of those cases, but it appears that there is no control over that short of writing my own completion system entirely (like Xcode does for example).

I'm glad the preference is useful.