Procedure to export from app 1 to file → then re-open with app 2

I have a recurring problem with steps 3 and 4
1- I am working in a file in app 1
2- I export to another format
3- I save the exported file
4- I want to open the exported file in app 2

example: I am working in a mindmap app (app 1) → export to HTML → save HTML file (which is easy to do)

What I can't tackle is to create the part of the macro which automatically opens the said HTML file in another app, for example Evernote (app 2). Note that the HTML file name and path (directory) are variable.

thanks in advance for your time and help

This doesn't sound like it would be too difficult, especially if you're already using variables for the the file name and path, but without seeing exactly how you're doing the current steps now (i.e. without seeing the macro itself) it's hard to say what you should change. Tangible problems are usually much easier to fix than theoretical ones, after all.

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Use KM FOR EA with Finders Selection to get the path of the exported file.
Then use the Open a File Folder or Application action with the path from #1, and select the app to open in.

OR, you may find it easier to just drag the exported file from the Finder to the App in the Mac Dock.

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Thank you both for your comments

Gary: I understand what you mean. I would just like to focus on the problematic steps and remain generic as opposed to app specific. The rest is of little interest (export → HTML format)

JM: I tested the drag and drag, and what is funny is that if I take an HTML file and open it with EN, I can see highlighted text. If I drag and drop on the Dock I don't which is a major problem.

In the example below, what is the most efficient way to use the test.html file to the Downloads folder instead of the Library Folder. I tried all kids of contorsions like using Shift-Cmd -G and inserting the name downloads, but sometimes it works, other times not.

It is a recurring irritant which I would like to fully grasp

thanks again