Productive Screen Set Up Tip

Hi all,

I'm sure that many folks here already have something Nice like this already set up, however I did want to share a few ideas helped me a lot.

Thanks to keyboard maestro, I was able to increase my productivity with a few changes to my screen set up.

Basically, I have a large external monitor in front of me, and my MacBook to the left of that.

I have updated my start up script to do the following:

It will open the main apps I will need for my productive environment. Previously I was happy to just get these open. However now, when each app opens - I have added a move and resize window action to place the various apps in specific locations on the screen for maximum productivity.

And once I got the hang of it, it got me very close to what I needed to start with the sub menus such as top right or top left or right column etc.

Also I was able to choose either the main or secondary monitor quite easily, and enter an extra calculation at the end to get it exactly where I wanted like:

Main monitor

External (or Second)

Having things set up this way makes it very productive because I can see lots of data all at once such as Email, Reminders, Notes - Safari etc. all showing on the screen at the same time

So this has been very helpful. I can press one hotkey start up script and it will refresh itself as often as I need it.


In addition, I created a few important hotkeys for whatever happens to be the front most window. So I can click on any of these windows and then one of a few hotkeys can open the particular window to either left - right column - or full on the external or Main screen and a few things like that.

Boy is that cool!


Thanks Dave

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