Profile pictues not displaying



Am I the only one not seeing profile pictures for some users?
Both in Safari and Chrome in Incognito.

See this screenshot.


You're not alone. Same problem here. Started a few days ago.


Hey @peternlewis,

I'm having the same problem.

I can't see my own profile picture either in-line in threads OR in the user-menu (top-right) in Google Chrome.

In Safari I can see my own profile picture for both threads and the user-menu, but I can't see some other people.

After deleting Safari's cache I'm having the same problems with Safari.

For example:

In the following thread @LesB's profile is invisible to me in Safari

Can I Create Macros for Inserting Date and Time?

Everyone is invisible to me in that thread – including my profile pic in the user-menu.

I have restarted Safari and Chrome, and I've deleted their caches.

I just tried in a newly updated Firefox, and I can see my own profile but not Les'.

Something is clearly amiss...



Hey @peternlewis,

I can't see the profile pictures of the likes of this post either:

When triggered by a KBM macro, firefox automatically opens in safe mode



Hey @peternlewis,

I'm having problem with both the Keyboard Maestro Forum and the Script Debugger Forum, but NOT with the Discourse Meta Forum or the TidBITS-Talk Forum.

It looks like they're all running the latest beta, except for the KMForum.



In my case what's missing are any profiles using the colored disc with an initial. What I do see are profiles using actual images.


Yes, I have mostly seen it on emails.

Seems to be a bug in Discourse, probably in the latest upgrade when they made some wacky changes to image processing.

Hopefully it will sort itself out. Other that perhaps forcing a reload of the cache, I'm not sure what else to suggest. I could go and report it, but if it is happening on multiple forums, they presumably know.


Looks like it is a pinned issue on Discourse Meta, so I will follow the instructions and see if that resolves it.


Looks resolved.


Confirmed. Resolved here!


I can also confirm all is looking good at me.