Program incompatibilities

Is keyboard mastro compatible with copy-paste 33?

I have no idea what you mean by this. Please provide a link and/or more info.

Hey Wesley,

Do you mean CopyPaste Pro from Plum Amazing?

I haven’t fooled with it in ages, but I don’t see any reason there would be a problem.


I have successfully made macros on Quickeys macros for decades. But
Quickeys is terminal, just not compatible with recent Mac operating
systems. So to partially fill the gap I have taken to using a
multiple-clipboard program called copy-past pro <>. Meanwhile the
Quickeys site claims it can be made partly functional on MacOS, but warns
against incompatibilities, notably with Copy-Pro. And I have found that
when I try to use Quickeys and have Copy-Pro running, both function
erratically, very poorly. I must turn off Quickeys to get Copy-Pro to work
right. I’m still yearning for a macro program, thus my interest in Keyboard
Maestro. But as it is basically a macro-producing program, and seems to
also offer multiple clip-boards or equivalent, I fear that the combination
of Keyboard Maestro and Copy-Pro might be as incompatible as that of
Quickeys and KM. Is such an incompatibility known? That’s my question.

As Chris (@ccstone) says, this should not be a problem. But the only way you will know for sure is to test it for yourself. If you don't have KM installed, you can download and install KM for free for 30 days.

KM has its own clipboard manager, so you may not need Copy-Pro.

FWIW, I have both KM8 and LaunchBar 6. Both have good clipboard managers and do not interfere with one another.

BTW, since you are a long-time Quickeys user, you may initially find the way KM works to be awkard, because the operational design is so different. It means you will need to learn a different method building macros. But it is well worth it. KM is so much better than Quickeys, more power, more flexibility.

For more info, see Transition From QuicKeys (KM Wiki).

Finally, I think you will find the KM Forum to be very friendly and helpful. If you get stuck trying to build a KM macro, and/or understand some concept of KM, please feel free to post your issue/question here.

Good luck, and let us know how it goes.

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