Program Middle Click on Magic Mouse

Newbie question: I use a Magic Mouse in the application Davinci Resolve. Middle-click is necessary for certain functions, such as "pan around on zoomed-in image in viewer."

I am using an X-Keys (and soon will use a StreamDeck) for control. I use a Click or Move Mouse acction to hold down the middle-mouse button in order to pan an image. I put in a Pause Until action to keep the macro from completing.

My question is this: what is the best way to program it so that middle-mouse button is pressed/held only as long as I hold down the X-Keys button? Pause Until does not have any choices for USB Key position.

I'd suggest buying a third-party mouse such as a Logitech, that has a real middle mouse button. I find it SO much easier to use than the Magic Mouse. Plus you get another couple side buttons to use for other macros. :slight_smile:

They start at about $20.

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Thanks Ray, in fact I do have a third-party mouse but I rather like the Magic. Since posting, I accidentally found a good way to do what I want.

I'd had a two step program, the first step being to Press the Center-Button of the Mouse. The second step was Pause Until... and the best I could come up with was a Modifier key was hit, so I'd have to hold down the X-Keys button and then to release the Middle-Click, I'd hit something like CTRL. However, I then saw step 1 could be a USB Key Trigger for Down, so that when the key is held down, Middle-Click is being held down. The second step, Pause Until could then Hold Until Modifier Key is hit and I didn't need to hit the Modifier key, because releasing the X-Key meant that the macro was no longer running.

At least that's how I understand it... :slight_smile:

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Maybe have a look at the software BetterTouchTool (30day free trial available I think), that I also use in combination with Keyboard Maestro.
It is similar to Keyboard Maestro but much more focussed on triggers rather than actions. I haven't got a MIDI device but I think BTT can handle both press & release of those keys.
Also it got many magic mouse triggers. So you could say if you click with 3 fingers the middle button gets pressed.

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Just gave it a try and it works. BTT isn't as good with exporting macros and separate press & release are a bit strange to setup. So I run you through:
ā€“ Open Btt
ā€“ Select Magic Mouse
ā€“ Add Trigger "Three finger/Tip Tap Middle (2 Fingers Fixed)"
ā€“ Add Action "Mouse Click Actions/ Other Mouse Buttons & Modifier"
ā€“ In the settings panel that appears set: "Trigger only mouse down" and "Middle Button"
ā€“ Then select the trigger on the left again
ā€“ In advanced tab: set "Named trigger" to "MiddleClickRelease"
ā€“ Now go to "Other Triggers" in the main menu
ā€“ Add a new Trigger "Named Trigger"
ā€“ Set the name to "MiddleClickRelease"
ā€“ Add same Action as before but this time with "Trigger Only Mouse Up"

Now if you put your index and middle finger on the magic mouse and then tab with your dirty finger it will hold the Middle-Mouse-Button as long as you got any finger on your mouse.
Btt has got plenty of gestures, so have a look through maybe there is also one that suits you better.

And if you are using a magic-mouse or trackpad I very much recommend buying BTT anyway as it is soo amazing for example for window control. I have currently set it up so that 3fingers left makes the window go to the left side, swipe right and it goes to the right and 3 fingers up make if fullwidth. Feels like magic trust me =)

Let me know if you got stuck.
Hope this helps.

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Thanks Julian, much appreciated. I may give it a try in future but for the moment Iā€™m okay with KM.