Programming actions for control surfaces

Hi! So I have a couple of control surfaces I use for editing (Tangent Wave2 and Elgato Streamdeck). I've been able to figure out how to program macros for using those devices as the trigger but I can't figure out how to program a key on the device as an action. For example, I can tell Keyboard Maestro to execute the action "copy" when I hit a button on my Wave2 (by using the trigger "This device key" and pressing the button on the Wave2... but I can't figure out the action to tell Keyboard Maestro to (virtually) press a key on my Wave2 when I hit a key on my keyboard. Specifically, what I'm trying to do is when I hit my keyboard shortcut for changing to my Edit Workspace in Premiere, I also want my Wave2 to switch to its Edit Mode (which right now can only be controlled by hitting the button on the control surface itself). Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!