Prompt for User Input Action (v10.2)

Prompt for User Input Action (v10.2)

Prompt for User Input.kmactions (1.9 KB)


By default, the Prompt for User Input Action comes with two buttons:

  • Responds to shortcut (RETURN)

  • Closes the Prompt.

  • Flows proceeds to next Action.

  • Responds to shortcuts of either (ESCAPE), or . (COMMAND-PERIOD)

  • Closes the Prompt without writing the variables.

  • Cancels the Macro

You can add more buttons to allow for other options. For example, “Save” and “Save and Send”.

You can optionally assign a shortcut key by applying a suffix to the Button Name in the form of /«character», which will cause the Button to respond to a keystroke of «character» (or just «character» if there are no focusable text fields).

Suffix Button Responds to Shortcut Key of:
/. (ESCAPE) key.
/ (RETURN) key.
/H H keystroke (as an example) (or just H if there are not any text fields in the form)
/- no shortcut

No question here, but I just wanted to thank Peter (@peternlewis) for making such amazing software.

This has been bothering me for a while and I couldn't press escape in these dialog boxes.

I had figured out how to change the default but didn't read well enough that I could also assign key commands to the other boxes.

So helpful and handy; thank you for being such an amazing programmer.

I hope you train someone up in your stead to take on Keyboard Maestro when you get sick of working on it or retiring.