Prompt for User Input - Can the text entry Box Be Bigger?

“Ask for Input” gives basically a single line for the user to type in.

I realize it’s possible to put newlines in that box using ⌥+Enter but I would like to make the box bigger.

But if there’s a way to do that, I can’t figure out how.

If not, I guess this is a feature request.

I can't find anything named "Ask for Input".

Do you mean Prompt for User Input action?

Then I agree. We definitely need a "text area" input control.

Yup. That’s the one.

Besides the Prompt for User Input action, it will also be wonderful if the text boxes in Search and Replace action can be bigger.

Currently I use this workaround to set text into a variable like this:

Though it works, it takes time to do this.

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Hey TJ,

The implementation is crude, but you can do something like this with AppleScript:


set ddText to text returned of (display dialog ¬
   "Please Enter Some Text…" default answer ¬

" with title "DEMO")

Other than that the only way at present would be a Custom HTML Prompt action.


That’s a good idea, given the constraints of what is currently possible.

Now I only wish I remembered what I trying to use this for in Aug 2019!

Chances are that I still could use it somewhere, I just need to pay attention until I come across it again.


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