Prompt for User Input: Copy to System Clipboard from Popup Menu?

Hello, I am looking for a way to copy a value chosen in the Popup Menu to the Clipboard.

And here is the code:
%NamedClipboard%my-first-value%__Value ONE|%NamedClipboard%my-second-value%__Value TWO|%NamedClipboard%my-third-value%__Value THREE

The idea is not to leave the dialog box: we make a choice in the popup menu, we click on Copy, then we make another choice in the popup menu and we copy a second time. We click on Cancel to exit the dialog box.

Thanks for your help... :wink:

What is the ultimate purpose of this? Seems like there might be a more appropriate way to do this than using a "Prompt for User Input* action.

It's doable, by placing the action in an Until loop, but it would be good to know why you want to do it in the first place.

Thank you Noisneil for your attention.
Sorry, my approach is completely stupid. I'm going to think again about this and find another way.
This post is now obsolete: I will delete it in a few minutes.
Thanks again Noisneil... :wink:

Here is another less twisted and more effective approach:

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For posterity’s sake, the moderators usually leave these in place as they can be valuable learning tools for future users. So you can simply mark your last comment as the solution if it works for you, and this way people browsing the forum can see what you were dealing with as well as the solution provided.

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This is worth reading:

As is this:

Cdthomer, Noisneil, I think I have understood the lesson well: I will be more careful in the future. :wink:

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We've all been there! :+1:t3: