Prompt for User Input – How to Use a Prompted Value After the Input

Dear all,

I love and use KM for "decades" now but I have NO developing skills. I mostly use mouse actions, combine different tasks to a single shortcut and simple stuff like that. But of course it helps a lot.

Due to this I always struggle with the Wiki when it comes to a bit more advanced topics because obviously I am not able to get the magic behind this terminology that from my personal perspective seems to request developing skills for the reader.

Today I tried to use "Prompt For User Input" for the first time but obviously I am missing something.

I read the Wiki a bunch of times about this function as well as related topics like "Variables" etc. but can't get the idea behind it.

The Wiki says:
Prompt For User Input allows you to design a form that will ask for user input, storing the results in [Keyboard Maestro Variables].

To my understanding this means:

• I create a variable with a specific name
• I prompt to insert a value into this named variable (… KM stores this value to this variable)

How do I get the value I entered into the form to the system clipboard?

Thanks in advance.

Cheers, HaPe


Hi @Hans-Peter_Henkel - you're so close!

You need to set the system clipboard to the variable, like this:

KM 0 2021-03-12_12-44-16

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Hi @tiffle,

thanks so much for your help. Works like a breeze.
Maybe this even helps me to better understand how to work with variables in general.

Much appreciated!

Enjoy your weekend!


If you get stuck you can always ask here!

Take care.

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