Prompt for user input Popup Menu not working with Variables?

I am filling a Variable with the contents of a Textfile using a For-Each Loop. At the end the Variable looks like:

Text|Text 2|Text 3

If i use this Variable within a Prompt for user Input, it does not create a Popup Menu like it does when I enter

Text|Text 2|Text 3

into the Macro editor.

Is this intended or a bug?

Looks like I need to file a Bug Report.

On the wiki for the Prompt For user Input action, it mentions this:

Start with a bar for a variable list of entries

If the field starts with a bar (|), then token expansion happens first, followed by separating by bar (|) β€” this allows you to have a variable list of entries, for example, β€œ|This|%Variable%Multiple Entries%”.

Otherwise, the entry is separated by bar first, and then token expansion is applied to each field, so that fields may contain bars, for example, β€œThis|That|%Variable%One Entry%”.

Hello Peter,

I tested both and it still does not work.
Please test the attached Macro.

Thank you for your kind help.

Anreden.kmmacros (3.36 KB)

Hey There,

Try this:

Anreden mod.kmmacros (4.0 KB)



Thank you. Now it works like a charm. :thumbsup: