Prompt For User Input: Set Default Value of Variables To Current Value In Menu Prompt?

I have a bunch of variables that I use as toggles that determine the state of other macros.

I change these variables pretty frequently based on the task that I'm currently working on, so I built a macro with a Prompt for User Input that lists these toggle variables and prompts me for the variable value.

Is there a straightforward way to set the default value for each prompt to the current state of each corresponding Variable? i.e. If my variable AdvanceToNext is currently set to NO, then the popup menu defaults to the NO choice, rather than the first listed choice.

Hey Paul,

Prefix the value field with the variable.


Here's an example.

See variable D2.


User Input Example with Various Defaults Including Variables v1.00.kmmacros (6.4 KB)


Thanks Christopher. That's exactly what I was looking for! I did take a look at the Prompt for User Input Wiki page, but I think I got overwhelmed by how many variations/customizable options there were.