Prompt for User Input Time

One last thing you can check is to list the recent macro executed.

  1. Trigger the test macro you created
  2. Long pressed the "Used" button and see if it is at top of list ( to ensure no other macro cause the issue)

@blaine.misner Yes, I understand an isolated Prompt action immediately closes and there's no visible notification. I'm going down the same path as @macdevign_mac in wondering whether another KM macro is at work, and I think that would show up in the Engine.log (as well as the "Used" display).

Random thought: do you have something pressing the escape key automatically ?

ok i will check that

i don't believe that i do, but at this point that may be the case

!!!!!! There it is! there were two macros running that for some reason closed the window.... of course looking through those macros didn't tell me anything as to why it would cause that window to close, but now it is working with those two disabled. THANKS MUCH EVERYONE WHO HELPED!