Prompt for user input window popping up random places?


I´m currently using a lot of Prompt for user inputs for work and my setup is a macbook with 2 screens.

The window that pop up does not follow a pattern I have recognized.
Usually I have 30 seconds of KBM doing stuff and my mind sometimes (all the time) wander off in wait for the prompt… And when it pops on the screen to my right, I often miss it.

Any settings or tips that could help with this?

I just ran a test running Keyboard Maestro 8.1.1 (8.1.1) on macOS 10.12.6, and here are my observations:

  1. First time macro is run, it appears in the lower portion of the app window that is active.
  2. If I move the window, before OK, then it will appear in that location on subsequent executions.
  3. If I trigger the macro from a different monitor, then the popup appears in the same relative location of that monitor.

Are you seeing a different behavior?

I think my problem was that I had Chrome in full screen mode and the window couldn´t overlap so It found somewhere else to go. It works much better now when not inn full screen mode.

Thanks @JMichaelTX - You got me on the right track :slight_smile: