"Prompt for User Input" with 20 Long Strings?

This KM code works (see screenshot) but rather than 2 simple options (e.g. here its Berlin or Zurich) I need 20 long strings as options (eg. aaaaaaaa -- aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa would be just 1 of the strings and the format of the string is unpredictable). Clearly using the PIPE operator to do this in the "Prompt for User Input" action is not user-friendly. Is there an easier way? e.g. can I have a text file of my "long string" options? Thanks.

Yes. Put the strings in a file or variable, one line per string.
Then just replace “\n” with “|” in a variable to be used for the prompt.

Not sure what you mean. Do you mean copy a text file’s contents into the KM action after first putting the pipe symbols into the text file?



Note the "|" at the beginning of the Prompt default values.

Make sense?

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