Prompt User for Image Input and use image for "Found Image" Actions

Hi. I am new to KM, but I LOVE IT. I'm already through Rev XX of my most useful macro and saved hundreds of days work. Buying it was a no brainer.

Now my question is this. I use my macro for multiple projects but the same task, and sometimes I have to change the images that it looks for to execute the action. I already have a prompt at the start of the macro that I set parameters with. Is there a way to drop an image in a prompt box, assign it to a variable, and then use said variable for "Found Image..." functions such as mouse clicks, etc...

This way, I would not have to open the KM editor ever time I want to specialize the Macro, or I wouldn't have to fill up my Macro list with multiple Macros with the only difference being is the image used to find the menu.

Thanks in advance for any input. I would not have made it this far without reading the many post on this forum.

Although I'm not sure if I fully understand your situation, I wish to point out that there will be some enhancements in KM v9 this year which will address image storage. I don't have any inside information on this, so I'm not certain what those features will be or if they will help you. However they might indeed help you. If you can wait, it may be worth it.

There is one possible trick you might be able to use, if you're desperate. You can write KM code that modified KM code, including the image that you are trying to search for. It is tricky writing self-modifying code, so I don't really recommend it. We can talk more about this idea if it interests you. But basically it's about using KM to grab images and modify the image box in a KM macro.

The Found Image image in v8 is restricted to a pasted image, so other than creating the action from XML (which can be done and is described elsewhere on the forum), there is no other way to do this. Until v9 anyway which adds more options.

I will wait until v9. (But who knows, I find myself falling deeper and deeper into the looking glass each and every time I try to improve my macros :slight_smile:

Thank you for your responses.