Prompt with a List of URLs : how to make the list easier to read


I very much enjoy the macro written by @ccstone

Sometimes, the URLs are long complex and difficult to decipher as in Scrivener or DevonThink links (I modified the macro to accept those links and open in default app).

I was wondering if there is a way of adding a 1-3 word description to the URL and which would appear before the URL in the list.

For example instead of entering a DevonThink link like


I would like to enter

Monthly Calendars x-devonthink-item://ADFEFA27-BC48-492D-8736-FD567BF36959

It's as if I want to display the words monthly calendars in the list, but "comment them out" in the open URL action.

I could add a character like "§" after the words Monthly Calendar and find some way to tell the open URL action to ignore everything on a line proceeded by $ but that's just an abstract idea in my head. No idea how it would be done

thanks in advance for your time and help

Hi @ronald - if you look at Chris's macro you'll see that it already does as you require.

In his macro he gives an example list of URLs like this:

Do you see that each line takes the form


When you run the macro with the list in this form it displays the descriptions and not the URLs - just as you require. Like this:

KM 0 2022-08-10_08-43-27

So the solution to your question is to follow each of your URLs in your list with two underscores and the description you wish to see.

Like, for example:

x-devonthink-item://ADFEFA27-BC48-492D-8736-FD567BF36959__Monthly Calendars

Although @ccstone thinks of everything this is a built-in property of the KM Prompt with List action!


Fantastic !! thanks very much !