Prompt with Auto-Complete?

Is there a way to get a prompt with a pick list that does auto-complete? What I’d really like is something that works like the auto-complete that the KM editor provides for variables, etc., but I’ll take anything that will let me narrow down a pick list based on something typed.

If it’s something that can only be done in an HTML dialog, can someone provide some code to get me started? My HTML is really rusty, but if I have some code that works, I can usually figure it out from there.

Thanks in advance! (How optimistic of me. :stuck_out_tongue:)

Hey Dan,

The Custom HTML prompt is the only way to accomplish that.

I think there's an example with auto-complete on the forum.

Search for “HTML prompt”, and you'll find several disparate examples.

Scope out the first post on this thread:


Thanks, Chris. That’s probably exactly what I’m looking for!