Prompt With List... Am I Doing It Wrong?

I created a variable (screenshot), then created a Prompt With List from Variable action, but it only shows the default. I can't seem to present the other choices in the variable list (screenshot). I think I set it up correctly according to action:Prompt With List [Keyboard Maestro Wiki] , but did I do something wrong?

Prompt With List.kmactions (837 B)

And if I remove/delete the Default field, it still only shows the first option.

It may not be intuitive but you have to delete the default selection to see the whole list. Try:

Radio List.kmmacros (3.6 KB)

Thanks @mrpasini , but that doesn't fix it. That's what my last screenshot shows: clearing the Default field gives me a blank field. Here's a screenshot of your macro executed on my system.

I couldn't get Prompt With List to work, so I just did it with a dropdown list in a standard prompt.

_[SUB] Choose Project or Show Macro (v10.2)

_[SUB] Choose Project or Show.kmmacros (6.2 KB)

Hi, @iampariah. I imported your Prompt With List action then did a Copy as XML and discovered that the Default field includes two lines.

You could fix this by moving the the Default field, press ⌘A, then press <delete>

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I tested this and got the same result, at first. Then when I saw the blue bar, in your search, I realized that this happened to me long ago. The solution, perform a select all in your Default: box, delete and try again by typing the words instead of pasting.. Somehow it keeps something (a linefeed, a character etc.) when you cut and pasted from your selection.

This worked for me.

iampariah.kmmacros (2.3 KB)


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Ah! Thank you both so much!