Prompt With List - item limit = 99

I just noticed that the Prompt With List action is limited to 99 items. I didn't see this limit mentioned in the action's documentation. I need larger values. Is there a way I can change this limit, or is there another way to do something similar?

Click Always Show All Entries in the gear icon menu, and there's no limit. Well, maybe there's a limit, but you can show more than 99.


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Thanks. I'm embarrassed. The documentation for that page does mention that, but since I knew that the limit was 99, not 100, I was scanning for the number 99. And there is no "99" on that page.

The documentation says "if there are more than 100 items", but I think it should say, "if there are more than 99 items."

I have a really good macro in development that will make use of this.