"Prompt With List" Not Searching as Expected

So it's learnt/remembered per "Prompt With List" action? Sweet!


Could you please elaborate? I found no settings that implied, to me, that they might affect this choice. Is it one of these?:

Or one of these?:

I suppose the learning function could be implied in "Process Text Normally", if you know that it's happening.

Thanks for confirming my guess. I'll try it, but it may take a couple of days to get back to this.

The Sort Entries may affect it.

Thanks @Nige_S, I had been working on cleaning up my macro for "public consumption" when @peternlewis posted his explanation about machine learning changing how PWL menus pick entries in response to user keystrokes. That certainly explains why you got different results than I did from the same macro.

I have copied my PWL action and removed the original, and I've been very careful not to make erroneous choices. It seems to be behaving as expected. Unless something else comes up, I'm going to consider the problem solved.

A little more clean up and I'll post this draft as a work-in-progress in the Forum Macro Library.


Note that the machine learning data is not stored with your macros, so while it is in some sense attached to the specific action, it is not included within the action, and wont be synced to other macs or included in exports of the macro (which would clearly have a ton of privacy implications!).