Prompt With List Window

Is there a way to move and/or resize the “Prompt With List” window in Keyboard Maestro 8?

No. Like the Trigger Macro By Name, it just appears where it appears.

@peternlewis, it would be very helpful if you could add an option for a window title to Prompt With List. Else, when it appears it is NOT clear what the selection list is for.



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It would be helpful though.

Hi Peter, this is a great option to have, but on my Mac the window is placed about two-thirds to the left. Is there a way of centralising this in the screen? I realise its just cosmetic, but its placement is a bit off-putting.


Yes, it does appear to be offset, most noticeable the smaller the screen is (which is why it’s not obvious to me).

I will look in to it.

I have fixed the horizontal placement of Prompt With List for the next version.


I have added an initial search string, title (only displayed when the search string is empty), and configurable width to the Prompt With List action for the next version.


This is great, Peter! :+1:

It will make Prompt With List much, much more useful for me.

I now understand that it's not possible to move the window using move commands. I would really like it if the list window would appear where my text cursor is on the screen. Would that somehow be possible?

If by text cursor you mean the text insertion point, no, that is not possible. It is not possible on the Mac to determine where on the screen the text insertion point is, not in general anyway.

I know it's been a while, but it would be very convinient if there was an option to show it near the mouse pointer.

I also miss an option to make a slection from the list by pressing the spacebar, as this is often the way in webform lists.

It would seem to me that if you use the Set Next Engine Window Position action and specify the current mouse position prior to the Prompt With List action, that should achieve what you’re after.


Thx @tiffle positioning the window works like a charm.