Prompt without focus?

Is there a way to create a prompt for user input or custom HTML prompt without giving it immediate focus? I’m having issues with prompts appearing and stealing focus so suddenly I’m typing in a different field. Very confusing.

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I’m not sure how that would happen. When you trigger the macro, aren’t you expecting and ready for the prompt?

IAC, the only thing I can think of is to put a Pause Action before the Prompt Action.

It’s probably because it pops up on a timer, or something like that.

I have a countdown timer that I use with BitBar, and at first when the time was up, I had it pop up a prompt. That was too annoying (re: the original poster’s comments), so now it uses a notification that repeats every minute until I acknowledge it.

Pause Until calculation IDLE() > 20

You still may get unlucky with the dialog popping up right after you took a 20 second break, but the chances go down as the idle time goes up.

Seriously… is there ANYTHING that I want to do that you haven’t already
thought of?

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Well, I could point to the roughly 2000 items remaining on the todo list as an indication that there is still some things left undone.

True, but I hope our constant nagging about new things doesn’t take away from how much we love what we already have. Seriously. Your work may never be done, but that which you’ve accomplished is just plain awesome, and I know I speak for the vast majority of your users when I say “YOU ROCK”. Seriously.


I'll second that motion. :thumbsup:

While Peter has a long list of both accomplishments and todo list, I still have a long list of learning everything that Keyboard Maestro can do. I am truly amazed how many NEW things I learn about Keyboard Maestro every day.